The story of unnamed heroes fighting for their country!

We are conducting the project to honour Muhammet Fatih Safiturk who lost his life in a terror attack in Turkish province of Mardin. The project’s filming is being done in an imaginary village, Virankaya.

Virankaya is a district in southeast Turkey near Syrian border which has 72 villages inside it. Virankaya is the most strategic centre of the region where 32,400 people are living. The surface area of the district is 1,086 square meter.

The project on which 180 people are working and 2 different teams filming at the same time is presenting real stories, and moreover soldiers and police officers who take place in the clashes during the project are real people as well.

In the scenes of the first episode, more than 50 weapons, over 2000 blank cartridges and 12 RPG 7 ammos have been used.